How to get started with the V1 Golf App:

Step 1: Download the FREE V1 App in the IOS or Android App Store

Step 2: Click on Instructors

Step 3: Type in The Golf Path

Step 4: Click on The Golf Path Academy

Step 5: Click on Jon Guntrum

Step 6: Click on Camera

Step 7: Click on the upload button to upload previously recorded swings or hit the red button to record swings

FREE Personalized Golf Exercise Program

We’ve also identified a new online tool which will help improve not only your golf game, but also your fitness in general. It’s called Kinexit.

Kinexit delivers personalized and, golf-specific, fitness and warm- up programs for golfers of all levels. Your program is personalized through a quick mobility test in which the app will walk you though. Based on your test results, Kinexit will automatically set up your fitness program for you on your smartphone or tablet. As a coach, I can follow your training and progress, give feedback and communicate with you between lessons.

The training you do between your lessons is just as important as what we do together. Fifteen minutes, three times a week is what is needed!

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