Single Day Clinic Participant

All Juniors are invited to our clinics with a subscription/membership or not. Those not purchasing a membership can attend any clinic for a nominal fee of $45 per clinic ($55 non-RCC members). Single pay attendees will not be enrolled in the program to receive hats and are not able to participate in Play Days.

Saturday Clinic Membership

40 Total Clinics and Play Days

Our Saturday Clinics run in a cycle of 3 clinics and 1 play/test day (see calendar page). Clinic days run from 1:00pm to 2:30pm while play days are from 2:00pm to 4:30pm, drop off and pick-up is at the RCC Golf Shop.

With 70 hours of instruction, our Saturday Clinic Membership is the most popular, highest attended and a great way to get your kids started! Focusing on meeting new friends, fun, education, practice and play we cover all aspects of the game from etiquette to the flop shot. Your child will begin at the white level as a beginner and progress through 10 levels of knowledge and skill based testing (see classifications page for more details). Each level is given its own color to give the students pride and drive in both their current level and desire to “level up”.


January through December – $750/member* and $850/non-member

*Member is considered a child, legal dependent or grandchild of a current Richmond Country Club Golf Member.